SharePoint 2013 – Fix all issues reported in “Content Deployment Source Status”


Content deployment steps have changed a bit with SharePoint 2013.  It has introduced an option to do a “Source Status check” in which can be found in Central Administration under –> General Application Settings –> Configure content deployment.




If this is enabled at Destination site, you cannot create a Content Deployment Path\Job until you fix all the issues.




As such when you proceed to create a content deployment path, it might fail and ask you to fix issues at source.

To find issues at source,  on a Source Site Collection e.g. I have used a site collection http://<>:8080/sites/channel. Go to Site Settings -> Content Deployment Source Status and verify there are no errors.



In case you cant find it, you need to enable the feature from Site collection Features







After you enable Content Deployment Source Status and go there, if errors are seen, e.g. missing features, remove them using PowerShell or a tool like SharePoint Feature Admin Tool.



After you do remediation the page should show no errors as below


Remediation with SharePoint Feature Admin Tool

Disclaimer: SharePoint Feature Admin is a free third party tool available from Microsoft CodePlex site. While I have had no issues at all with it and would highly recommend this tool for its ease of use, please use it at your own risk. Be sure to test it on Test\Development environment before testing on Production.


Launch the FeatureAdmin2013.exe with Admin\Service Account.

i. Under Web applications, select Channel – 8080,

ii. Under Site Collections within this Web Applications select http://<server or FQDN>/sites/channel

iii. Click Find Faulty Feature in Farm


iv. For each Faulty feature found, it will show a popup and give option to remove it. Click Ok until all faulty features are removed.


v. Now select http://<server or FQDN>/sites/channel in Web site within selected Site Collection, select Remove/Deactivate features in selected sites, check all features showing error and click first on Remove Feature from Farm and it says it’s a site collection feature then click on Remove from selected Site Collection.


vi. Click Ok on the popup


vii. Click on Reload Web apps and then repeat steps i, ii, and v. Cycle through each subsite and remove any error feature by first clicking on Remove Feature from Farm and it says it’s a site feature clicking on Remove from selected Site(SPweb) until all faulty(or unwanted or missing) features are removed.

Remove faulty/missing/unwanted features listed in Content Deployment Source Status page using same steps listed above.


e.g. Ratings is listed as an unsupported feature at Home which is http://<server>/sites/channel


In FeatureAdmin Tool, select site collection and locate the Ratings feature under Remove/deactivate features in selected sites and then click on Remove feature from farm.


Click Yes on the popup.


Similarly locate and remove all missing\unsupported\unwanted features from both Site Collection Features (SPSite) and Site Features (SPWeb) until the Content Deployment Source Status page shows no more errors .

Once all errors are removed, SharePoint will allow you to create a content deployment path and job for that site collection.


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